Genius e-Membership Agreement

Welcome to Genius Online!
Before you register and become a Genius e-Member, we recommend you read the following terms and regulations carefully, by which you agree upon and hereby abide by in order to become a Genius e-Member.

  1. Guideline
  2. Service Guidelines
  3. Member's Registration
  4. Member's Privacy
  5. Termination of Service
  6. Members and Data Safety
  7. Free of Responsibility
  8. Intellectual Properties
  9. Other Guideline

1. Guideline
This agreement will describe the status rights and obligations of you as a member, in a more detailed fashion. When you have read this agreement and proceed to press the agreement button, you will be obliged to comply with and accept these regulations as defined by the Genius website.

2. Service Guidelines

  1. When you access any website or service provided by Genius, as a member, it is your responsibility to provide the Internet connection items needed to access our website.
  2. At present, the current Genius e-Service family includes Genius e-News, Activities, Genius e-Survey, and some Genius international websites. For the benefit of providing better services, we will add, remove, or modify any of the current services and functions without notifying you in advance. (see #5)